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May 20, 2018

Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Launches Digital Branches Through Mosambee

Life Insurance Plans in India
Bajaj Allianz is a combined undertaking which incorporates both global expertise and local experience between Bajaj Finsery Limited and Allianz SE. Starting their journey in the year 2001, the company has become to be one the top insurance company brands in India.

This Life Insurance provides a number of plans that incorporate minimum investment for greater returns. The company is best reputed for their investment plans, their long term and short terms planes, child plans, pension plans etc.

Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Plans

It is best known for their life insurance plans. There are a number of life insurance plans that are offered by the company itself. The plans all vary from one another depending on the type of plan, the entry age, the maturity age and the annual premium that needs to be deposited by the insurer.

The different types of plans that are offered by the company all meant for different purposes. Some of the types of plans that are offered by this include:

• Term Insurance Plan.
• Unit-Linked Endowment Plan.
• Unit-Linked Pension Plan.
• Traditional Child Plan.
• Traditional Empowerment Plan.
• Non-Linked Whole Life Plan.

Bajaj Allianz Plans in Detail

The Bajaj Allianz term plans are those plans that are meant to provide a large sum of money at the end of a contract to the insurer’s company. This plan is a safety plan meant to provide stability to the members of the insurer’s family in the event of an unforeseen death.

The Bajaj Allianz unit linked insurance plan is where an individual can invest their money in variable proportions in equity, money market instruments, bank deposits, debt etc.

Pension plans are those plans that are meant to provide financial help to the insurer during their old age time. The Bajaj Allianz pension plan is tailored in a way in order to give thee insurer the same lifestyle that they have even after they retire.

The child plans provided by the company are made in a way in order to secure the future of any child financially either in the field of higher education, their studies or even their marriage.

Investment plans from Bajaj Allianz are so that a certain amount is definitely returned to the insurer after the plan has matured. For this plan, the insurer deposits a certain amount of money as premium as a monthly/annual basis. At the maturity of the plan, the entire money is given back to the insurer along with interest.

The women insurance plan caters to only women insurers who can use this plan for medical solutions, savings, retirement solutions or can use the plan for different types of investments during their lifetime.

Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Digital Branches Through Mosambee

For the purpose of expanding the horizons of their services, it has started the acceptance of digital services through the offering in Mozambee. A handheld mobile device that assists customer through providing a variety of customer services like premium payment certificates, account statements, paying insurance renewal premiums etc.

The greatest benefit of this particular service is for the customers. Customers can pay their annual premiums for their insurance plan through whichever way that they want, be it through bank transfer, cheque or even DD’s.
The prime objective of introducing digital branches through Mosambee is to improve the customer service of Bajaj Allianz as a whole. Customers can now easily get the type of insurance that they want through this method. Those individuals who have insurances can easily pay their premiums through digital branches as well. All in all, the improved customer interactivity with the company through digital branches introduced by Mosambee has helped the work efficiency of the company as a whole.

Eligibility for Applying for a Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Plan

For applying for a Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance plan there are certain conditions that need to be fulfilled on the end of the insurer. The individual who is buying the plan needs to be the legal age of 18 years or above. The maximum age at which an individual can apply for the same plan is 60 years.

Only those individuals who are employed under a company or an individual or who are self employed can apply for this plan. The individual needs to be employed unless they cannot fulfill the condition for filling the premium for the insurance plan.

Documents Required for Availing a Bajaj Allianz Insurance Plan

Bajaj Allianz Insurance plan can be bough on an online and also on an offline basis. Through both the methods of getting the plan, the insurer needs to fill a form and submit a number of documents to the company.
The documents that are generally asked to be given on behalf of the insurer to the company are identity proof, age proof, income proof, address proof and PAN card or Aadhar card.

Providing Aadhar card or PAN card and sometimes both is a necessity for the insurance company as per the new laws that have been provided from the Government of India. Aadhar card and PAN card need to be linked to all insurance accounts for the safety of the customer.

January 20, 2015

How Much Life Insurance do you need?

How Much Life Insurance do you need
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Getting a life insurance is clearly not a hard decision to take. There are a lot of benefits that come along with the insurance, but choosing the right amount of insurance is always going to be a big headache. While the life insurance provides you and your loved one with ample financial security, if you are not choosing the right amount to cover, things might end up being a bit messed up. So how much do you need after all? It is a big question and before you jump up and make a decision thinks through the following points.

May 21, 2013

Opting For a Life Insurance Policy: Get Complete Information Here

The fast paced life and the increasing pressure of work has made the life of an individual very unpredictable. With such an uncertainty in the lifeline, getting a life insurance policy has become the need of the hour. The main purpose of getting a life insurance policy is to protect the future of your immediate family members should something happens to you. The question to ponder upon is how much money is enough to take care of your family, to pay the debts, and to take care of the daily affairs?

March 20, 2013

The Shortcomings of Payment Protection Insurance

Payment Protection Insurance or PPI is a popular insurance product in the UK, and it is meant to insure credit repayment, should the borrower become unable to make repayments due to illness, injury, unemployment or even death. In the absence of life insurance, income protection insurance or mortgage insurance, PPI proves to be extremely useful. It guards against the uncertainty of income loss, which would have great credit repercussions, should a person be making repayments on different credit extensions. With a PPI offering cover for a period ranging from 12 to 24 months, enough time is accorded for the borrower to find an alternative source of income, so that they can continue servicing their debts.

July 23, 2010

Facts about accidental insurance

accidental insurance

Have you ever considered the matter of your financial security if  you suddenly meet an accident? Who can predict about our future? Anytime you might be seriously injured due to an accident and it can lead you to a serious financial trouble. Fighting this situation without an accidental insurance is definitely not a piece of cake. A sudden accident may cause temporary injury or it may cause you to lie on the bed for the rest of the life. In this case, you  might feel unable to meet all the responsibilities of your family and children. Truly speaking, money saved by the bell for accident purpose, is not a wise idea. You must save for emergency must get an accidental insurance to assure your family during your inability.
accidental insurance

Usually, an accidental insurance gives you the protection for 24 hours of 365 days. People with different age group can avail this service. It depends on the agency. Different agencies give different plans for your superior coverage. Regular health insurance policy does not always cover the unexpected medical costs. But a personal accidental insurance can assure you matter when and how the accident happens. If you choose a proper plan, it will not only cover you, but also those persons, dependent on you (spouse, children, parents).

Normally an accidental insurance gives you immense benefits. The most important aspect of this policy is compensation during accidental death though injury is also considered within this. Cost of medication, blood, treatment cost and cost of hospitalization all are covered thorough these. An accidental insurance is a nest must have a policy to save other words to save your family in your absence. 

April 24, 2010

Child Health Care Insurance Program

"Insurance"....just a small word! But who doesn't know, this small word can provide us a big assurance? None can predict about life. So everybody should consider insurance as a "must-have" to safeguard their precious life. But what about your child's life? Do you really thinking about the little one of your family? Child health is a very important issue for today's parents. Child health care insurance program is needed to gift your child a secured future life. You try to meet your child's requirement and spend as much as you can. But the most important thing which is ignored more often is your child's health. So must take care of your child by joining child health care insurance program.

The most unfortunate matter is, we do take care of ourselves, but forget about our children. We dream about beautiful, healthy lives of our children but forget that it's our responsibility to make their lives beautiful, healthy. So, most of us do not care at all to join a child health care insurance program. A report says, a vast number of children ( almost 8.3 million ) in U.S., are not insured. It's really shame for us.

To join a child health care insurance program has become an easy task as we have SCHIP in U.S. It's State Children's Health Insurance Program. As the name implies, this program is available for the children of each state of U.S. More specifically, children from birth to 18 years age are suitable for this child health care insurance program. The main advantage of this insurance is, it provides very cheap and sometimes free of cost insurance coverage for all purposes like routine medical check-up, prescription medications, hospitalizations etc.

Recent survey says, 75% of children in U.S. are out of this child health care insurance program, which is really unexpected ! This program is most suited for those children whose family have a lower earning level but deserve the quality insurance coverage for their kids. It is administrated by  the United States Department of Health and Human Services and really needed for the families having child at their home.

Health care insurance program, moreover child health care insurance program must be taken into consideration for the physical well-being of a kid. It's really meaningless to save for your child, unless his life is saved. So save his life first. Join a child health care insurance program. Insure your child. Assure yourself .

December 24, 2009

How to get cheap life insurance

Are you looking for the cheap and best life insurance? You do not need to go to only one company. You should go to different good companies and get the insurance quotes from all.

Go for online, the best way to get cheap and best life insurance quotes:

Do not need to waste time for going office to office to ask for life insurance quotations. It is not practical and not possible also. You do not need to deal with insurance agents that they will sell you a commission based life insurance policy. Be comfort in your home and read the life insurance related articles to educate yourself and then you can able to compare quotes. Free life insurance quotes are always the best way to compare quotes because they are their best offers with no knowledge of what other insurance companies offer.

Life Insurance savings at its best:

This is your right policy if your family provides the right amount of coverage in case something happens to the income provider. The death benefit is the same kind of monthly income for your family to support in the event of a catastrophic financial loss. With the loss of the household where the income will come from? It can only come from your life to insure against loss. This way you know that your family will be compensated in case something happens. But make sure you buy your policy from a reputable company with excellent financial rating.

The reason this is so important that you do not want to buy a policy from a company that a terrible financial rating means they can not always pay the death benefit or the risk to go under it. If the insurance is a credit to your policy would be worthless and you're throwing your money away by paying your monthly premiums. Have a reputable and financially strong insurance company, the parent of every life policy.

Life is large enough for your family financially until they no longer cover insurance, usually after the children have graduated from college and works. It is protecting your family with a cheap and best life insurance policy.

May 23, 2009

6 types of insurance

Today I want to discuss in brief about the basic 6 types of insurance. These all insurances are very essential to our life.

1. Auto insurance (also known as Car insurance) is a type of insurance purchased for motor cars, motor cycles, trucks, and other small and heavy vehicles. It is compulsory to use in every country for taking protection against the losses against traffic accidents of the motor vehicles.

2. Life insurance is a contract between the insurance provider and the insurance policy owner. Here the insurance provider agrees to pay a sum of money against the insured individuals' death or other event related to life, like critical illness etc. But the insurance policy owner needs to pay a stipulated sum of amount as an insurance premium at regular intervals.

3. Health insurance (also known as Medical insurance) is a type insurance that pays for medical expenses of a person. It is also covers long-term nursing, custodial care and sometimes even disability. The insurance can be provided by a government insurance concerns or private insurance companies.

4. Home insurance (also known as Homeowners insurance) is a type of insurance program that covers private homes. It is an insurance policy which also covers different personal insurance protections, such as loss of one's home and its contents, loss of other personal possessions of the homeowner.

5. Disability insurance is a type of insurance which insures the beneficiary's earned income against the risk that disability will make working impossible. The insurance also includes paid sick leave, short and log term disability benefits.

6. Liability insurance is a part of general insurance program for financing against risk. Individuals or companies can face a common peril forms a group and creates a self-help fund out of which to pay compensation should any member incur loss. The modern system relies on dedicated carriers to offer protection against specified perils in consideration of a premium.

December 31, 2008

How Life Insurance Works

You can find many types of insurances in the market, but the largest selling insurance is life insurance. Though financial crisis is there all over the world, people are still investing money in life insurance. So people now really understood the importance of Life Insurance.

Mainly two types of insurance policies are there in the market, Whole life insurance & Term life insurance. There are subcategories for both of the policy.

Whole life insurance denotes the totality a person’s life, where as term insurance means insurance of a person for a particular period of time. The similarity is that you can get death benefits from both of the policy. In the whole life insurance policy you need to pay a fixed premium for total policy time, no need to worry for premium increment. Even you can get life coverage with in investment fund from it.

Different people different requirement, so Term Insurance may be required for you. The main benefit in the term insurance is smaller premiums. So the new clients get easily attracted into it.

I can suggest you that if you go for the Whole life insurance policy the policy will be kept in effect for full lifetime; even you need to pay the same premium for 20 or 30 years. You can avail some other benefits of whole lifetime insurance coverage can be used as an asset. When your policy develops a cash value then you can borrow against the cash value. You may also able to decide to total your policy value. Of course, that means you gave the sack of life insurance policy, but the best thing is that you can still get some cash back from your premiums.

Whole life insurance and term life insurance are available on the internet. Before purchasing a policy, first you need to compare premium rates and choose a trusty lawyer. The main purpose of life insurance is to leave financial funding for those who survive after your death. Your motivation for buying a life insurance policy may differ according to your age and responsibilities.