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July 07, 2013

Start Small: End up Big or How to Save Money with a Little Effort

You can be surprised but a lot of people in this world have no idea of how to manage their own money the way to have a little extra cash to save. And those, who do, are usually known as businessmen and company directors. There are some secrets of making money work on you. Most of people are aware about saving tips, but often forget to follow them. However there’s nothing hard or impossible and it’s up to you to make the right decision. Let’s learn these basic rules to be sure that we are able to save with a little effort.

May 21, 2013

Advice On Cutting Down On Travel Costs

Next to rent or a mortgage, travel costs are likely to be the biggest outgoing for most working people. With fuel costs rocketing, pushing up the price at the pump and on public transport, the key question is how to make every penny count when it comes to travel.

The best money-saving ideas aren’t rocket science, but often the simplest solutions are staring us in the face. So here are 5 quick tips to help you cut down on your travel costs.

May 15, 2013

How to Budget Your Money When You Make Next to Nothing

When you graduate college, life can get kind of boring. You don't go out on a Wednesday night because you can't skip work on a Thursday. You stop looking at the weekend as a time to go party and you start seeing it as a time to catch up on sleep. The worst part about graduating college? You have to start budgeting your money like a grown-up. This means you don't have extra cash lying around for a Taco Bell run at 4 AM or a few hundred dollars to spend on booze. You have to budget your money like an adult now. And I'm going to tell you how to do it.

May 06, 2013

How To Plan Your Preschooler's Birthday Party On A Budget

My four-almost-five-year-old has been talking about his birthday party coming up for the past two months, and it is still two months away! This age is so much fun because they really get excited about their friends they want to invite and what they want to do. But if they go to all their friend's birthday parties at The Little Gym, they will think that is the coolest thing since sliced bread. That is great if you want to spend $250 just on the birthday location, but I want to spend my money elsewhere on his birthday party and not just the location. So here are a few tips to give your preschooler an awesome birthday party without breaking the budget.

April 02, 2013

The Secret to Saving Money with Little to No Extra Cash

Saving money is the key to financial security for anyone who is hoping to get in control of their finances. When you rarely have any extra money, however, it can be difficult to save an emergency fund, much less for retirement or a college education. Try these tips to save some money.

February 02, 2013

Moving Budget: How to Minimize Costs on Moving Day

From buying the house to paying for the closing costs, moving certainly is expensive. When it comes to the actual moving day, you want to keep your costs as low as possible. How can you accomplish this mission? Follow these five simple steps to lower your costs on moving day.

Drive Yourself

You are probably familiar with the trucks you can rent and then drive by yourself. Generally, if you are hiring a team of movers, it's going to be more expensive than if you do it by yourself. Therefore, look into these different types of trucks. It's not as though you need to fit all of your furniture into your car; you just have to drive the truck.

December 13, 2012

How to Get the Most out of a Budgeting Plan

Budgeting is an extremely effective way to take control of where you money goes and reach the savings goals you’re aiming for. It provides structure and simplicity to the saving process.
If you’re wondering how to get started and how to get the most out of your budgeting plan, then read on: it’s simple once you know how.

Monitor Your Current Habits

Before you start structuring your budget, take some time to monitor and assess the way you spend your income. A great way to do this is to keep a diary of all your expenses where you can record details of every purchase or payment.

December 24, 2010

Enjoy your 'low budget Christmas'

This Christmas, why don't do some different? Be creative and gift your dear friends and sweet family something unique. Presenting personalized gifts to your friends will help you to stick to an affordable budget. Spending a low budget Christmas is more fun with creative ideas and lots of surprises. 

Draw names and buy gifts - It is very difficult to buy gifts for each and everyone when the family is a large one. This problem can be solved by this name-drawing tradition for gifts. This concept popularly known as 'Secret Santa' involves drawing names of 'who is going to buy a gift for whom' from a hat. It ensures that each person has to buy a gift for another person and nobody has to spend a lump sum money. 

October 01, 2010

Think about low budget holidays

Over the last few years, our viewpoint about long haul destinations has changed a lot. The concept of ‘budget holidays’ has altered our vacations. All of us need to get away from our confined regular life at least twice in a year. But, with the continuous ups & downs in the international economy, it’s not possible for all to manage the holiday budget properly. It prohibits us to fulfill our desires. But it doesn’t have to be. Think creative and you’ll, for sure, come up with some great ideas of low budget holidays.

Holiday camps are really ideal for them who have one or two children. These are the places where accommodation costs (the most important and of course the biggest cost) are significantly low. For a kid, a holiday camp must be the most enjoyable place as they can get here the fullest entertainment by all means. Often it’s possible to get a chance of spending a beautiful holiday camp break at a very low budget by collecting tokens. Keep your eyes on the newspapers.

Have you heard about house swapping? Yeah…it might be helpful if you are looking for a sweet break at a very low accommodation cost. More specifically, it gives you an opportunity of free lodging. Do a net search….there are a number of house swapping sites. Though it’s more popular in UK but don’t worry, people from all over the world can link up to those want to swap their houses through proper websites and can enjoy their holiday maximum at a minimal cost.

When money is really tight, you have to think something cheap but exclusive. Holiday doesn’t mean to go far from your home always. Take a week off work and create a mood of holiday at your home. When it comes of vacation we think of distant areas or abroad. But we have a lot of beautiful places near our homes. What’s wrong with those places? You could go there too…and trust me, it would not be a compromise at all.

August 06, 2010

How to create a monthly household budget

Money is the thing which makes the world go around.  But when it comes of money management, I must say many people find it tough. Managing household expenses is one of the difficult challenges of our life.  You must know that you can not achieve financial freedom within a day. To keep your personal finance in track the first and foremost step should be putting together a monthly household budget.

Household debts and credit card debts :
Household debt is a big problem for most of the American families. In the year 2007, this problem reached the peak.The same is true for credit card debt. People use credit cards for different purposes. They do not wait for the approval for a personal unsecured loan from a bank. As a result they fall behind on their monthly payments.

Create monthly household budget for your family :
If you do not have the idea of creating a  monthly household budget, you should learn the basics which is "Household income must be greater than household expenses". Ignoring this first rule of thumb may lead you to long-term problems. Another big issue is "saving for future". Always put some money aside for yourself. It will assure you when you will be retired. As I said previously.."A penny saved is a penny earned" not forget these ultimate words. Whatever be your income, be pretty strict about maintaining an emergency fund. 
Divide your monthly household budget into three parts :
1. Your monthly income
2. Expenses which are mandatory
3. Expenses which are discretionary
First identify all sources of your income. Then put together all your expenses. For a financially sound family the monthly household budget should be balanced enough. Simply follow the formula : Household Income - Household Expenses = Household Savings. You should aim for making the "household savings" positive.

Once your monthly household budget is prepared, you are all set to take needed steps for making your family financially satisfied. You will feel better after a few months seeing yourself in a much better financial position. Your life will be balanced automatically.
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June 11, 2010

Save your money

It has been said....."Save for the rainy day". is the mostly needed thing to run our life smoothly. You need to save your money to lead a happy and worry-free future life. You never know when life will make you stand before a serious challenge. It's a wise and nice idea to save your money for future to meet the upcoming needs, to commit the responsibilities and to maintain a contended life.

To save your money first of all you need to stop spending more than your earning. To set up a financial goal, firstly set up a budget A budget planning helps a lot to keep one's spending compatible with the earning. Personal budget planning to save your money is the most important skill to plan a better future life. "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail" not forget this. Simultaneously try to make more money. You can opt for some part-time jobs. To get a large amount try for a better job with a higher payment. Sometimes excessive use of credit cards might distract you from your goal to save your money. Reduce the usage of your credit cards and make sure you pay them down in full each month. If credit card debt is another big issue for you, look for debt consolidation. It will help you to get out of debt. If you are bearing a student loan for one of the members of your family try to lower down it. Choose cheaper insurance rates to save your money if your are planning to have a new insurance policy. And if you already have a health insurance policy, transfer the total medical coverage to the major medical insurance only. Refinance your mortgage to save your money. Mortgage rates have dropped now-a-days to a considerable amount. It would be a great way to save your money as well as to earn some extra cash.

Think green and save your money. Being eco-friendly not only saves the nature and the energy, it saves your wallet too. Cut your excessive telephone bills. Also dining out too frequently ruin your credit. If you are in a tight financial situation due to a big loan or a credit card debt, then you should learn from your current situation and be prepared for your future saving plan. When your debt will be paid off, transfer that fixed amount to your emergency saving fund. Believe me, it would not be hard at all, as you are already habituated to maintain your life without that amount of money. This practice will surely save your money and you will be free from the stress of getting into debt once again.

Control your money, do not let your money control you. If you are facing downturn at present, do not give up. Save your money. Start saving from today, because "a penny saved is a penny earned".