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Digital Currency - Cashless Society and Future of Money

  What can replace cash? Due to lots of innovation in this 21st century, nothing seems impossible around the globe. Reality is in front of us, as money will strip off its tangibility and cryptocurrency will appear out as individual units for virtual exchange. This requirement can be fulfilled with the help of Internet, iPhone or any Android-Gadget. Cashless transactions are practiced globally. Various countries like India, Sweden, and Belgium etc... have taken a back step from paper currency. Sweden has an objective to become the first country in terms of cashless economy. Two years ago, demonetization took place in India and most of the population in Belgium does their payment through cards or mobile phone apps. Even, there is a creation of law to limit the cash transactions up to a certain amount. The capability of digital currency Exchange There is a great opportunity for everyone to invest in tokens. The waves related to Cryptocurrency may give an allowance to receive the tokens w

All You Need To Know About Asset Based Lending Rates

Asset based lending rates are essential in taking out a loan because it will give borrowers an overview of the total amount to repay per month. When you say asset-based lending, it means that you are borrowing money with your assets as a collateral. So if you intend to expand your business and you need extra cash to undertake a small project, you can use your accounts receivables, machinery, inventory or any business asset as collateral.  Asset-based loans have easier requirements than small business loans. All you have to do, to qualify for this loan, is to present a tangible collateral to reduce the risk involved in borrowing a large amount of money. Your asset will make up for the losses of the lending company in the event you failed to pay the money you owed. They recover from the loss by selling your asset.  Asset-Based Lending: How It Works There are two types of asset-based lending you need to familiarize yourself with: ● Business Lines of Credit: This type of asset-based lend