May 24, 2018

Things to know about buying a house in summer 2018

Know about buying a house in 2018
You might have heard the conventional wisdom – the best season to buy a house is in spring. Sellers are keen during this time because they can showcase homes better. Gardens are in bloom, the weather is excellent, and spring is nearly always associated with happy events. But what if we told you that if you are a home buyer in 2018, aim for a summer buy.

Summer is typically associated with school holidays, a bit of gardening, picnics when it is not too hot. Although it may not sound like the season in which to embark on a house hunt, you would be surprised to know that plenty of houses get sold in the summer.

Throughout the UK, for example, the general trend is that residential sales have been higher in summer than in spring – every year since 2007.

Some of the benefits of buying a home in summer are :

Pricing: You definitely get an edge over spring pricing-wise. Summer prices tend to be more reasonable and over a broader range of comparable properties than in spring. August is considered a good month for getting competitive prices.

Home insurance rates: No dramatic changes are anticipated in home insurance rates in the UK through summer. Pricing is quite competitive, and buyers can expect favorable rates. This is another reason why buying a home in summer may be advantageous this year.

If you think that summer is your season for buying your new home, then here are some tips for buying a home in summer 2018:

Know the neighborhood: Take advantage of steady summer weather and make the time to visit the localities where your prospective houses are located. To feel at home in your new home, you should be comfortable with the neighborhood, the general area, and the amenities to which you will have access. So, even if a property feels like “The One,” spend some time scouting the area.

Keep a lookout for old listings: Properties that didn’t get picked up in spring are not necessarily unsuitable ones. Sometimes it is just a case of buyers backing down at the last minute due to cash problems, or they may have just changed their minds. So, if an older listing looks appealing, make that trip and see the property for yourself. What’s more, the seller may even have brought down the asking price at this point.

Check your finances: Before making an offer, take the time to double-check your finances. How much deposit have you shored up? How much are you borrowing? Are you getting the best rates on the mortgage? Remember to include insurance, deed cost, taxes, moving and redecorating costs into your financial considerations.

Be flexible about the type of property you want: If you are getting a decent price in your desired locality for a fixer-upper, you might want to consider that as opposed to the new build you wanted. The total amount for a fixer-upper may come up to less than what the ready-to-move would have cost. You may even look at restored and upgraded properties. A starter home is yet another type of property that you can consider especially if the financial aid is suited to your needs.

Make a firm offer: This is not to say make the highest bid. Make the most convincing bid. If you have financial details taken care of well, then sellers are more inclined to consider your offer even if it is not the highest one. Financial preparation is a crucial home buying tip and especially useful for perfectly functional properties that have not been picked up yet, and the seller is looking for a quickly concluded transaction.

One other way to make a summer home buy less stressful is to consider taking the help of a real estate agent. Real estate agents are likely to have a more comprehensive dossier on the type of properties you are looking for and would indeed be able to provide a better financial guide. Some of the advantages of hiring a real estate agent are:

Save time and money visiting different properties. Estate agents can do the legwork for you.
Get good financing options. Estate agents would be able to help you understand which mortgage and insurance schemes are best suited to you.

Estate agents handle all the paperwork, which makes the process hassle-free.

Expert advice can save you from heartbreak. A house is a significant investment, maybe even the biggest you will make this year. Specialist help from real estate agents can mitigate the risk of making a bad investment.

Summer is as appropriate a time to buy a home as any other season. What’s more, unlike spring and autumn, you can get some fantastic prices too. Take time to find the property that suits your needs and financial situation best.

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