September 15, 2015

Insuring and Growing a Business in the Health and Personal Care Sector

Insuring and Growing a Business in the Health and Personal Care Sector
In the industry of personal health and personal care, there’s a massive range of different business opportunities, ranging in skill and finances required to set them up. Anything from a simple hair salon to a specialist surgery can be founded depending on a proprietor’s qualifications and financial status. When looking online at people who have set these businesses up, and had a bad time, it seems quite obvious that they were trying to cut as many corners as possible, and in the long run, it ruined their chances of making a success of themselves. It goes without saying this is what you want to avoid doing.

After scrolling through many forums and discussion pages online, I have come across numerous questions that could be answered with a simple search through a few advice pages on the internet. It appears that many proprietors are unaware or not so sure on what they need when it comes to some of the simpler things within their business and its sector.

The Elephant in the Room

The main problem people seem to be having, according to the forums and message boards, is insurance. Whether it be what cover they need, or why the prices are so high – it appears to be a very common grey area for owners. When it comes to business insurance, which can also be known as Commercial Insurance, it’s worth speaking to a few companies about quotations, as levels of cover and prices can vary from company to company. Also many businesses now offer specialised insurance to fit your type of business and how it works, down to a tee. Obviously the insurer will always give you the cover that you ask for over what they think is right, but you should ask them as many questions as possible, rather than backtracking after you’ve given them your money.

One thing that commercial insurance can provide for you that is pretty much an essential, is a variant of legal cover called Professional Indemnity. What it does, is defend you financially against any claim that arises from a customer’s belief that they have not been provided, with either professional advice or a professional service. Regardless of how good you are at your job, or how professional your company is, there will always be customers and consumers that feel that they have not received good enough service. Unfortunately it’s usually a case of when this will happen, rather than if, so as long as you’re prepared with Professional Indemnity cover, you’ve done everything you can.

Improving Methods & Retaining Customers

For businesses based on improving personal appearance such as hairdresser’s or barbers, it can never hurt to strive towards improving the way you do your job, and an interesting thing I noticed was a lot of proprietors online mentioning employees of theirs, looking online at videos on YouTube and other websites for methods on how to improve their own techniques. It sounds like a bit of an obvious thing to do at first, but what I found to be most interesting, was the consistent appreciation for it, as 9 times out of 10, it was reported to have worked really well for the employee themselves and the business in the long run.

Building a reliable customer base that will return to your business again, if possible, is a key factor to making it a success. Satisfied customers are a fantastic way of spreading positive feedback and gaining a larger presence in your local area. Surprisingly, I found from what people had said online, one of the highest contributing factors to doing so, is providing customers with a positive impression of the relationship between you as a proprietor (if of course you do engage with customers) and your employees. A positive workplace that contains employees with a can-do attitude and good manners can leave lasting impressions and make the customer experience a lot more pleasant.

The Long Term Game Plan

Overall, maintaining professionalism and a positive attitude-fueled workplace is key to growing your business, reputation and customer base. There are many ways to achieve such growth and success, as long as everything is organised, with all bases covered in case any problems should arise. It’s one big chain reaction of positives really – make sure everything’s protected, and you won’t have to worry. No worrying means a positive work place, which pleases customers and keeps them coming back. Happy customers means no negative feedback, and no need to worry about having to rely on your insurance protection. Manage it all on a balanced level, and your business should bloom.

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