August 29, 2014

How to Break Into the First Home Buyers' Market within 6 Months

How to Break Into the First Home Buyers' Market within 6 Months
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People who are dreaming of becoming homeowners for the first time need to be diligent about preparing for the most important purchase they will ever make, Choice Home Loans can help you make this a reality. Being financially ready for the purchase is particularly important. Full-time workers can use the tips outlined below to get ready to become first home buyers within six months.

Explore Additional Sources of Income

Cash inflow is especially important when a person is saving to purchase a home. Boosting household income by taking on a second job is an ideal way to get ready to own a home sooner.

Pay Down Debts

Debt hurts first home buyers in three ways. The first way that carrying debt can be detrimental when a person wants to purchase a home is that it can affect the amount that a person can borrow.

Late or missed payments on debts can also negatively impact an individual's ability to qualify for a mortgage loan. The interest rate charged on a mortgage is likely to be higher if the borrower has poor credit history. Paying down debts by making on-time payments that are higher than the minimum amount due will help to increase credit rating to lower interest rates.

Carrying a lot of debt also influences whether a home buyer struggles to make monthly payments. Adding a mortgage to the list of monthly payments that must be made is more likely to make homeowners feel overwhelmed financially if debts are not paid down or even paid off.

Be Diligent about Saving

The amount that buyers are able to put down on a home purchase impacts their ability to qualify for financing. The percentage that a buyer puts down also determines whether lenders mortgage insurance (LMI) is necessary. This insurance is used to mitigate the risk that lenders take on when they lend a high percentage of the value of a home. Buyers who put less than 20 percent down will need to carry LMI until the balance of their mortgage falls below 80 percent of the total value of the home. LMI just adds to the cost of owning a home, so it is best to save up at least 20 percent of the value of the home before purchasing.

Find a Neighbourhood

There are many factors that go into finding a neighbourhood to move to, so it is important for home buyers to start their search early. Factors including crime rates, schools, transportation options and affordability should all be taken into consideration. Also you should remember to check whether or not you are eligible for a first home owners grant depending on where you settle down.

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