October 10, 2013

Myths about Renters Insurance

Year after year, renters continue to make the same mistakes when it comes to insuring their homes. Though the vast majority of the public fully comprehends the necessity of auto or homeowner's insurance, approximately 57% of renters still refuse to invest in coverage for their possessions due to a handful of all too common misconceptions.

1. "Renter's insurance is just too expensive for me to afford."

Unlike auto insurance or a homeowner's insurance policy, renter's insurance simply doesn't require substantial monthly costs. With your average policy paid for with under $20 a month, it is surprisingly affordable to insure the costs of your home's contents. Varying from one individual renter to the next and depending on your provider and your location, a renter can obtain a policy premium for mere pocket change daily. Most of these providers even offer further discounted prices if you add your renter's insurance on to an already existing policy, calling them multi-policy discounts. With coverage for so little, can you really afford not to insure?

2. "I'm not a homeowner so my landlord should cover it."

Very rarely a landlord may decide to team up with an insurance agency to provide an option for renter's insurance to a tenant. But most often this is not the case. Typically, landlords or property owners maintain an insurance policy that only covers the dwelling itself. When a homeowner initially becomes a landlord by purchasing or converting a property, they generally switch policies as well, leaving only the home itself under very specific coverage. The landlord cannot be held responsible for any loss of property or costs to the tenant with personal belongings.

3. "I don't have enough stuff to worry about buying coverage."

Whether it's a fire, theft, vandalism, or even just a broken appliance, as a tenant you simply can't afford to not purchase a renter's insurance policy. So many renters completely under estimate the value of their belongings and are completely oblivious to the potential cost of replaced by renters insurance. Determine the amount of coverage you need by taking an inventory of your apartment or house and be sure to check the limits on coverage for your more expensive items.

4. "I think I'm already covered through my parent's homeowner's policy or my roommate's." 

If you're a student living on campus, then your parent's policy may or may not cover your belongings but if you live off-campus, your possessions are uninsured due to this misinformation. As far as a roommate with renter's insurance, don't wait until it's too late to discover you do not fall under their umbrella of coverage.

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