October 07, 2013

Buying a New Build Home - Pros and Cons

A lot of us would ideally love to purchase an older home – something a little more classic with a certain feeling of finesse and class. However, the reality of maintenance when it comes to older homes can be quite grim. Old windows, insulation and heating systems can mean that these homes cost a lot to maintain and cause all sorts of trouble.

New builds on the other hand come sparkly and with all the latest heating systems, insulation and windows and often have a guarantee. However, there are negatives too. So, let’s weigh up the pros and cons involved with purchasing a new home.



As the house is a blank canvas, it’s easy for you to leave your mark, means you don’t have to remove all sorts of items and you won’t have to change up out of date carpets, curtains and what not. There are also no problems regarding damp or insulation.


New homes are a lot greener and a lot better for the environment and you can rest assured that your new home isn’t polluting to the same degree as a second hand house. The question you have to ask is a higher carbon foot print worth the extra character an old home brings?


New homes are far more secure and come with all sorts of high tech locks and alarms. In addition, the wiring is new, materials meet health and safety standards and these homes tend to be far more fire safe than older second hand homes as they have to undergo rigorous checks.


If you’re good at dealing, then you can significantly lower the purchase price of a new home. There are all sorts of mortgage incentives to pay for stamp duty and offer you cash back. You may also be able to get wooden floors or curtains from the show house if you have the gift of the gab. White appliances are also often left or sold for less.

Property Chain

There’s also no need to worry about the person selling the home to you finding a place to live themselves. Once you agree a move in date, you can just move in.



Some new homes tend to be smaller than older ones, as developers will hope to get as much value from the zoned land they’ve purchased. This means more houses on less land and so smaller gardens and driveways.


One of the problems that we commonly see with gardens is that they tend to use low quality compacted sub soil, overlaid with roll on turf. Unless this is carefully laid the garden can be a problem. This can mean significant drainage issues.

The Future

Most houses nowadays use plasterboard walls rather than the blocks of old. This means that they can’t hold as much weight and this may also cause problems for extensions and future planning. It may also cause noise related issues.


The snag list can be a real pain. Developers are renowned for taking short cuts and this can mean they tend to overlook little issues. Defects and waiting on a snag list to be completed can push back move in dates. These repairs are often made in a quick fix manner and can arise again in the future as builders cut corners.

So, deciding on whether you wish to purchase a new home or an older house is up to you. Just be aware of all the pros and cons before doing so.

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