October 15, 2013

Be a Premier Performer at Tackling Debt

Be a Premier Performer at Tackling Debt - Infographics

With unemployment rates just starting to come down from a record high, many people are still struggling to find their financial footing. People who lost their jobs or were unable to secure jobs during the recession, or already had existing debt that only increased over time, or are new graduates who have student loans to pay back, are just a few of the many reasons why many are faced with massive debt. Trying to reduce personal debt is challenging in the best of times - and in the current economy and uncertain financial future, many are floundering in debt without a way out. But even those who are deep in debt can find a way to resolve their issues, that isn’t dependent on the economy improving or winning the lottery.

Debt solutions include balance transfers from one high interest card to a lower interest card, signing up for debt consolidation programs, or negotiating with the creditors. This infographic provides debt solutions based on severity of the financial situation. Learn more about solutions that can help reduce overwhelming debt with the least amount of long-term financial impact, helping a struggling individual or family back on track without losing assets or adversely affecting their financial future.

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