September 17, 2013

Ways to Make Extra Money

For many people money is always an issue. Either you do not have enough of it or you spend too much of it in one place. It is a pretty serious thing since it affects almost every part of our life. Without money you can’t really do much. If you are one of the many people who find themselves with too little money make sure you check your budget first. Maybe you are in debt and want to tackle those credit cards hard. In either case this blog will help give some insight on what you can do to make a bit of extra cash.

2nd Job

Believe it or not a big part of making money on the side is WORKING. If you are already working full time and have a decent job but need a little extra to tackle debt get a 2nd part time job delivering pizzas. Just do what you have to do to make that extra money.


If you are a fantastic cook or baker sell your skills to your friends and neighbors. It may even turn into a small business for you and your family. My wife is a baker and makes a great profit on her cakes. At first this sort of thing is not going to take off but it will take time. The good news is this is only for that extra side money… this shouldn’t be your main source of income.

Online Store

If you enjoy making little crafts why not make crafts and sell them online? A friend of mine makes little baby hair bows and sells them on Etsy. She’s not a millionaire selling these but it does certainly compliment her current full time job. Depending on what you sell you can make a ton of money this way. Just think of things that are easy to make and cheap to make as well.

Car Ads

If you drive over 1,000 miles in one month you might be eligible for this. What you do is you apply for this and companies can look at your application and hire you if you target their desired demographic. Then what they will do is put their ads all over your car. The more extreme you go the more you get paid. You can get paid anywhere between 50-500 a month just for driving around in your ads galore car.

Other Services

Take a moment to think about what you actually enjoy doing. Maybe you enjoy playing guitar or singing. If that is the case you could give guitar or vocal lessons. Maybe you enjoy graphic design. Sell that skill! There are many things out there that you could probably sell to make a bit of extra cash. If you cannot think of anything that you enjoy doing you must not enjoy many things and I think everyone enjoys something.

So there you have it. This blog was more meant to get your creative juices flowing. Start to think about ways you could make some extra cash. It is not always found in another job or at McDonalds. If you do start a business at home make sure you get a home security system.

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