September 25, 2013

5 Property Hotspots in Australia in 2013

When choosing where to buy property you will want to go for an area that your property is going to increase in value. Choosing somewhere that looks good now might turn out to be an issue with reselling later and you may not make a good return on your investment down the track. Here are 5 property hotspots in Australia that are set to boom in 2013 and will gradually increase in value over time.


The city of Perth has become one of the most sought after places to buy property, and with the influx of people moving to the area it is sure to increase in value over time. The climate in the city is warm and sunny for most of the year, so if you are a person who loves a warm climate then Perth is a great place to think about setting up your home and buying a property, whether for investment or for you to live.


Adelaide is the fifth largest city in Australia, and a popular location for people who are moving to the country from overseas. Because it is less developed than larger cities there is a lot of space for buying land and a great place to get into and buy some land or an existing home and make it your own. Because the city is not as busy as some other cities in Australia, it can offer a more relaxed lifestyle, and with its gradual economic growth the cost of buying a home in the area is very affordable.


Brisbane is fast becoming a popular city to buy property, and is gradually becoming a hub of activity with a growing cultural movement in the city. As the third most populated city in the country there are loads of different job opportunities and provides a lot of potential for people to further their careers, or set of onto a new career path. It boasts some of the most progressive universities and is a great place for young families and children to grow up.


Sydney has long been an excellent property market for those who wish to purchase a home, or buy an investment property. The cost of buying a home is often a bit higher than in other cities but property values continue to increase over time, so if you are planning for the long term and have the money to invest in a property in the city it’s a great place. As the largest city in Australia, there are many opportunities for career and work options and with its beautiful beaches only a stones throw away you have the best of both worlds.


Melbourne is a cultural wonderland, and attracts people from all walks of life, with its excellent art scene and shopping. The city has an abundance of green areas and has a growing demand for housing, especially rentals, so if you are looking for an investment property Melbourne is a city that will always have tenants to live in your rental property. For more information about how to go about investing in property in the city.

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