August 30, 2013

Why Work In Insurance?

The insurance sector is incredibly important to the economy of the UK and employs a great deal of people. Many graduates leave education with a career in insurance in mind, though few have an accurate idea of what that may entail. Those with little idea as to what the insurance industry offers may be tempted to ask the question ‘why work in insurance?’ Here we take a look at what a position in insurance may mean for potential employees.


The insurance industry is actually fairly stable and continues to provide new vacancies year upon year. As the product they are dealing with is incredibly important to most people and businesses in contemporary society, this can be sure to continue well into the future. This makes a job in insurance an incredibly attractive proposition, as employees know that they are likely to be able to build a career in a single field of work.


There is a huge amount of variety in the industry, a fact that is sure to keep the work both interesting and stimulating. Insurers handle a hugely diverse range of products, from boats to houses and even particular body parts, and there are a huge number of different roles that may interest workers. Whether you’re more interested in the analysis side of insurance or prefer working in a sales environment, there’s a position waiting for you in the insurance industry.

Career Progression

Thanks to the expansive nature of the industry, as long as you are demonstrating the right skills, level of commitment and suitability, there is always a way to progress in your career path. Large firms are able to offer their best members of staff great pay packages and there’s always something to aim for. Even if you find yourself a little stuck, there’s always the possibility of utilising the skills you have acquired and starting up your own insurance franchise. There really are very few limitations when it comes to career development in the insurance industry.


A career in insurance will be one of the most interesting challenges you’ll ever face. In terms of day to day work, an insurance position usually requires employees to spend a good portion of their time problem-solving, troubleshooting and working with others during times of difficulty. This often proves difficult but, consequently, is often hugely rewarding. As a day in insurance is rarely the same, new challenges are emerging at every turn that will require quick but coherent decision-making and an eye for details. However, most employees relish the opportunities to shine that these challenges provide and will agree that it is one of the most enjoyable aspects of any insurance job.

Transferable Skills

The insurance industry requires a great variety of skills if you want to succeed. However, there are plenty of opportunities to develop such skills through training programs and help from more experienced employees. Many people find that these qualities are also much in demand in most other aspects of their lives. Whether it is better communication skills to help in social situations, a deeper understanding of money management to benefit your own finances or knowledge on the best way to insure your belongings, there are plenty of ways in which the skills you develop can be transferred to everyday life.

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