August 29, 2013

House or Condo: Which is Right for You?

Whether it's a wide open range, a range hood or a golf range that you prioritise most as an aspect of your home, there is a type of abode that is right for you. The most important balance to strike is the amount of space proportional to your needs, and (a regrettable consideration) that factor in proportion to your budget. Coral Homes has a variety of innovative and welcoming home models on display to cater to any budget and any space requirement. Take a moment to peruse some of these factors which might inform your choice between a home or condo:


Love thy neighbour, indeed, but it's hard to love hearing them sneeze in the middle of the night. Not all condo's are created equal and there are many that afford the same sense of privacy as free-standing houses; it all depends on the quality of the building materials. When inspecting a condo, make sure you get an impression about the aural terms that you and your prospective neighbours will be on.

Access and Security

Some people, particularly the elderly or disabled, prefer the idea of living in a condo because it offers a greater sense of sociability and safety. For most people, living in greater proximity to their neighbours means necessarily means getting better acquainted with them, which affords a sense of social inclusion and protection. A lot of the facilities that condo's usually have, such as elevators and easy street access, means it's preferable for people with limited mobility.

Sleep Easy

Often the choice between house or condo comes down to whether you prefer living in a city or suburbia. Consider: what kind of sleeper are you? If you need utter silence perforated by the odd cricket, life in an urban condo is not for you.

Do You Need Space

Most city centres are so built up that multi-story living is the only option if you want to be in any proximity to the CBD. Having a large single-story home, garden or pool usually requires living in the 'burbs. This is a difficult trade-off; what's the point of having a big house and garden if you spend more of your time commuting to and from it than you do actually in it? On the other hand, some people find the idea of living in a city so oppressive that the commute is worth it.

Green Fingers?

To some people, looking after a house plant is a burden too great to bear, while for others the joy of striding across their acreage is second to none. A garden is often a major consideration for those with young families, but for couples without children, those living alone or those with heavy workloads a garden can often be more of a bore than a blessing. Even a small garden requires a large amount of maintenance or it can go either the Little Shop of Horrors route or become an arid wasteland. Living in a condo skirts the whole issue.

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