August 29, 2013

Four Unique Items You Can Donate to Charity

With so many charitable organizations to choose from, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to find a group that’s doing something meaningful to you and your family. For example, if you know someone who suffers from a debilitating disease, you are sure to find plenty of charities that are working hard at raising money to find a cure or who are trying to make the lives of sufferers easier. Or if you love animals, there are a host of shelters that you can donate to or organizations that are working towards animal rights.

But you do not need to just settle on donating your money to these groups. Many require actual supplies as well. So if you are planning on getting rid of your car, computer, or other expensive object to replace it with a newer one, you should consider donating it instead. Below are four examples of unique gifts you can donate to charity:

Your Old PC or Mac Computer

Sure, you can send your computer off to get recycled, but you can also opt to donate it instead. Organizations, such as Computers for Charities, The World Computer Exchange, Computers for Schools, Computers 4 Kids, and The National Cristina Foundation, to name a few, will gladly take your old computer off of your hands when you are ready to upgrade. They will then distribute it to those in need all over the world. Hard drives are removed beforehand in order to ensure that your identity and personal information will remain safe.

Furniture from Around Your House

Any furniture that you are planning on throwing out but is still in fine condition can instead be donated to a variety of charities, such as The National Furniture Bank Association, which will gladly come and pick up your furniture to then donate it to homeless people who are trying to get a fresh start in a new home and need assistance furnishing their space.

Books That You No Longer Need

You probably have a bookshelf full of books that are in really great condition but that you will never read again. Why not donate these items to people in need? Organizations like Darien Book Aid, International Book Project, and The Global Literacy Project are all available to take your books and give them to people in need of help with literacy, such as those in impoverished communities. They will also be donated to schools, libraries, hospitals, and prisons.

Your Old Boat

Ready to get rid of your old boat? It is easy to find out how to donate a boat to charity with a simple Internet search. You will find many charities that will be willing to take your old boat off your hands to make someone else’s life better. When you are ready to donate, find an organization that is willing to help you with all of the necessary paperwork and will even go ahead and pick up your boat right from your home so that you do not need to worry about a thing.

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