August 06, 2013

Finding the Lowest Credit Card Rating

Whether you are the merchant account holder that is the entrepreneur or the buyer or the consumer, low rates in credit card transaction is always the first criterion for all. The fact of paying high interest rates over the money spent through credit card indeed is not a good feeling at all. But it is us who are to be blamed for the entire thing. What is the highest limit of money that can be debited in one go? That is what we all want to know and avail when we go for credit card options. But with more money being spent the amount of the interest is going to soar high. Hence our first intention is to go for the low credit card rates and the ways to finding the best low rates are given and discussed below.

Start Making a List of the Existing Accounts

If you are currently holding credit cards one or more then get a current statement from the bank about the rates they are charging. This includes all the past records as well and the rates and their fluctuations based on purchase power a certain rate. This will help you to actually compare the rates of the different banks who offer credit cards at low rates.

Do Research and Make a Note

There are different sites that give you the latest information about the different offers going on. It is a smarter way to make a note of the bank, its credit card scheme and specially the interest rates. This will help you to compare the different rates and choose the right one. But does not hurry rather do your research thoroughly.

Check Your Mail

Most of us do not check the different offers regarding the low credit card rates.  It is important to collect these emails once again from your junk mail or trash and see what the current offers are. Sometimes the bank where you have a credit card account always offers low credit card rates for old customers. So do not just throw away those mails.

Look For Introductory Offers

Many banks offer introductory offers by providing low interest rates. If you find the rates within your expenses it is better that you can apply for them. But these introductory offers come with an expiry date. Moreover in case you want the rates to remain low certain facilities are debited from your account. So read the offer documents carefully.

In case you are too confused, you can call your credit card issuer and have a discussion regarding this entire thing.

Hi I am Monica Brown and I am a banker by profession. For low rate credit card processing another smarter way is to talk to the bank. Sometimes they can make adjustments as per your needs. The rates are usually low for credit card terminal wireless set up which is very much in vogue these days.

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