May 05, 2013

Extending, converting and opening: Adding value to the home

Those who are happy with their current position in life and don’t see themselves moving anywhere soon might find it worthwhile adding a bit of value to their property through add-ons; additions that you can enjoy while you’re living there and then reap the financial rewards when you sell up.

There are numerous methods in which you can alter your house to make it cosmetically pleasing and improve its value, including room conversions, extensions and even knocking down some areas to open space. Just remember to budget for it, otherwise it might defeat the object of adding worth to the building, so look to compare contractors and even bring in your own equipment from the likes of LG-UK to save some money.

Extending the house

One of the most ambitious moves you can make to ensure value is added to the building is to extend it with an additional room. There are a few areas this can be done, but it will depend heavily on the position of your house and the space available to you.

Those with plenty of space in the garden will most likely look to add on a conservatory which is one of the best ways to improve your home’s worth. Another opportunity for houses with lots of space at the rear is extending the kitchen to add more space that allows for a bigger kitchen and dining area that improves the culinary experience.

Open up the space
Most modern houses offer open-plan living, whether this is to have a larger living room area or to open up the kitchen/dining area to the outside elements. The latter tends to be the most popular and allows a great deal of natural light into the room, as well as creating the perfect environment for summer.

Opening up space gives rooms more purpose and is important to a lot of people when looking for a new house.

Room conversions

It is quite common to find that a home has a spare room that has yet to be given a purpose and so the owners will decide that it can be developed into something useful.

A loft conversion is the obvious choice, they aren’t cheap (prices start at about £8,000 in the UK), but when it comes to selling it’ll certainly be worth it. Lofts can be converted into uniquely styled bedrooms, whilst others will want to transform them into an office or even an entertainment room.

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