February 21, 2013

Beginners Guide to Buying an Insurance Cover in Austin

Life insurance is a kind of financial security to every individual, and his/her family members. By paying a small amount in form of premium, the policy holder gets a benefit of large cover, which is paid to the nominee to pay off the debts, cover funeral expenses, and all kinds of unforeseen expenses. Some life insurances are also tax deductibles during the employment.

Perks for Employees

In case of small business, companies in Austin and all parts of the US provide life insurance to employees for of tax exemptions, such as retirement plans or health insurance coverage. The employers use this benefit to attract employees and retain them in the organization.

Types of Business Insurance

In addition to this, there are life insurance plans, which help business owners to reduce tax on their heirs and protect the business against the loss of its partners, main employee or a shareholder. There is group insurance, which is less expensive compared to individual insurance policies. When these companies provide insurance to its employees, they can claim this for tax purposes but the beneficiary should not be the company.

Guaranteed Life Insurance

Life insurance for a person is important as an individual even though he is covered under the company’s plan. It is advised that any adult should buy life insurance to cover his debts and for funeral expenses, so that these expenses should not be borne by their family members.

Insurance industry uses a formula according to which, the maximum coverage provided to a person should ideally be about 5 times his/her annual income. Entrepreneurs should decide on the coverage based on their annual expenses, the debt they owe, tuition fees for their children, funeral costs, and similar unforeseen expenses, in case of an unfortunate demise.

Variations in Insurance Costs

Insurance costs depend upon the type of policy you wish to purchase, gender, and age of the applicant and his lifestyle, smoking/drinking habits, and a lot of other parameters. This data is used by Austin insurance companies to calculate the mortality rate or to estimate the number of years a person may be alive.

The cost of insurance policies for women will be less compared to men since they tend to live longer on an average. The insurance company will receive the premium amount and also interest till they make any payment.

If you’re planning to purchase a life insurance cover in Austin then you must choose an insurance agent who has “A rating”or higher, and compare all the policies of different insurers before purchasing a cover.

Types of Insurance Policies

There are many types of life insurance policies, which include -

• Whole life insurance
• Term insurance
• Universal life insurance
• Current assumptions life insurance
• Riders and options

Key Person Insurance

Small businesses usually depend upon a key person, who is the owner or partner to run the business smoothly. It is sad to think that if the key person is dead or disabled the business should be prepared to survive without him.

Life insurance can also help small businesses to protect against the loss of any key persons by providing income to the business and to keep the business going. The insurance can be taken on partner’s name, or the other partner can also be beneficiary.

In case of any financial loss the surviving partner is protected when the business ends. In the same way, if the stockholder dies, the company will continue its business under the same management. 

Kirwan Robert is an expert insurance agent who has written books on buying the right insurance for personal need, key man insurance, and various other forms of insurance covers.

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