February 08, 2013

6 Types of mortgage calculators you should know

A mortgage calculator gives you an idea of the payments you have to make in a month. It helps you calculate your mortgage payments and amortization schedule accurately. To use most of the online mortgage calculators, you need to enter the mortgage amount, the term period of the mortgage, the interest rate and the mortgage start date.

6 Types of mortgage calculators:

Read on to know about 6 types of mortgage calculators.

    1. Mortgage loan calculator – With the help of mortgage calculator, you can check out quickly how much amount you have to pay in total. It will also give you an idea regarding the total interest payments you’ll make over the entire loan term.

    2. Mortgage amortization schedule calculator – The mortgage amortization schedule calculator helps you know how much of your monthly payment goes towards interest and principal. You just have to input the loan amount that you want to take out, the interest rate, loan term period and the repayment date and the calculator will show you your entire amortization schedule.

    3. Interest-only mortgage calculator – To use this calculator, you’ve to enter the mortgage amount, the term of the loan period, the interest only period and the rate of interest. The calculator will calculate and give you the monthly payment, total payments and the total interest payments.

    4. Biweekly mortgage payment calculator – By using this calculator, you can see the savings that you can make. When you pay half the monthly payment in every two weeks, every year the mortgage company will get equivalent of 13 monthly payments instead of 12.

    5. Fixed rate vs. adjustable rate mortgage calculator – This calculator helps you make the decision whether or not a fixed rate mortgage or an adjustable rate mortgage will be best for your financial situation.

    6. Refinance mortgage calculator – This calculator helps you know how much interest you can save if you refinance your mortgage. To use this calculator, you need to enter your current monthly payment, current interest rate, balance left on mortgage, new interest rate, years left on current loan and new loan term period in years.

These calculators are quiet user-friendly which help you understand how much amount you need to pay towards paying off your mortgage loan. Thus, it can be said that it can also help you plan and prepare yourself before you purchase a house.

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