January 25, 2013

Moving to a Care Home: The benefits

Making the move into a care home can be a daunting experience, and for many, isn’t an experience based on choice. 

The Facts

The top five reasons that people currently find themselves moving into care are:
1. following a fall/fracture
2. following an acute illness
3. because of a general deterioration in their health and their ability to look after themselves
4. as a result of increasing pressure on their carer
5. loneliness

Fears that some elderly people are pressurised into entering residential care by carers or by professionals were confirmed by research showing that:

• Only 19% of residents wanted to move into residential care
• As many as half of the residents asked said they had not talked to anyone about the decision to move into care.

However, most of these people clearly felt that this was not a matter for regret, as two-thirds said they would not have liked to have talked to anyone, while sometimes the elderly person said they had already made the decision themselves and did not need to discuss it.

So, how can we think more positively about the move?

Peace of Mind

One of the most troubling aspects of moving into a care home is the perceived loss of pride and independence.  However, as we get older, life becomes tougher and everyday tasks that were once easy can come to be quite taxing. 

In a nursing home, daily chores become a thing of the past.

Many care homes offer an excellent service, and will tailor care to the needs of the individual.  For many, having the freedom to do everything they’re capable of doing, and know that they will be looked after if necessary can actually be liberating.

However, it’s vitally important to ensure that the right choice of care home is made for the resident, taking into account mental capacity, physical capabilities and individual needs. A government guide to finding the ideal care home is available here.

Make Yourself at Home

It is important for people to have at least a few familiar or sentimental items around them. This could be a particular blanket for the bed, family photographs and ornaments, or even a bedside lamp.  Take time to make the new accommodation feel personal, and this will really help to offer comfort and aid the difficult transition from independent living.

Moving into a care home is seldom a desirable choice, but often a necessary one. Sometimes, this choice needs to be made quickly and unexpectedly on a person’s behalf. If ill-health is the main reason for a person going into a home, then it’s likely that the NHS is liable to cover all costs under their Continuing Healthcare scheme. If you think you may be entitled, visit the website or ask your GP for an eligibility test ASAP.

This article was provided by Laura Moulden on behalf of Cheselden; the experts in continuing care fees claims.

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