December 14, 2012

Why you need personal accident cover

The thought of having a serious accident is probably something you don't like to think about...and why would you? Nobody wants to think about hurting themselves so badly that it will affect the way they live and possibly limit what they can do. However, some accidents can be more serious and take you away from your family. Because accidents can happen any day, anywhere - and because they can be serious - you should think about getting personal accident cover.

What is personal accident cover?

When you go on holiday you get insurance to cover the loss or damage of your belongings and you probably have home insurance to cover the contents of your home. So why not have personal accident insurance? The thought of your death or the thought of losing a limb can be terrifying, but when a tragedy or a serious accident strikes it can be costly to recover.

Having a serious accident can lead to blindness, deafness or the loss of limbs. If you were to get hurt in this way for whatever reason, this would mean you wouldn't be able to go to work. If you have a family that is dependent on your income, your injury would mean less money coming into your household. If your accident was worse and you were to die, your family would need funds to pay for your funeral costs and to meet everyday living expenses.

Do I need to take out personal accident insurance?

Anyone can take out personal accident insurance. It doesn't matter what your age, if you have a family and want to protect your earnings then it's suitable for you. Because accidents and death can strike at any time it is important you plan ways to protect your family in the event you unable to. You can get cover whether you are employed or self-employed.

Personal accident insurance is paid out to the named benefit on the policy if you are severely injured or die in an accident. The benefit will receive a lump sum, tax-free, which they can use to pay for things such as funeral costs, mortgage payments or whatever else they need.

How much does personal accident cover cost?

The cost of personal cover insurance varies between individuals. This is because it depends on factors such as the length of cover and how much you wish to receive. Your age, occupation, health history and the activities you do are also factors.

Not all insurers are the same so make sure you shop around to find a company and a policy that suits you. Remember wherever you get your policy, read the small print. Make sure you know what is and what is not covered before you take it out. Ask the companies lots of questions and research as much as you can.

Personal insurance is there to protect you and your family. Getting it doesn't mean you are expecting the worse, it just means that you are thinking about your family if you are admitted to hospital, left disabled or if you pass away. Protect those closest to you when you're unable to.

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