December 13, 2012

Things to Know About Tax Preparation Service

In a few months’ time, the tax season would have already started and people would once again find themselves stressed out with filling out and preparing all documents needed in order to file their tax returns on time. It is in situations like these that the importance of a tax preparer becomes even more highlighted. Now, the question becomes, what does one need to ask in order to get the right person for the job?

Before a person goes about getting the services of a tax preparer, he or she would have to take several considerations in mind. One of these considerations is whether the tax preparer has his or her own PTIN, or Preparer Tax Identification Number. One has to keep in mind that PTIN is typically issued to such individuals as Registered Tax Return Preparers, Enrolled Agents, CPAs, and Attorneys. That being the case, one of the first things that a person should ask service providers such as the Karliner Tax Services, is whether the tax preparer is a member of a recognized professional organization. This is because a member typically ahs to abide by a set of rules and guidelines in conducting their business, lest they lose their membership. 

It is also a good idea to check how much the tax preparing would be charging. One has to keep in mind that individual tax preparers tend to have a lower rate than companies like Karliner Tax Services. However, organizations typically have better infrastructure when it comes to ensuring the safety and confidentiality of the documents and other information details of the client. Regardless whether one is going for an individual or an organization, it is a good thing to be wary of those who charge a certain fee of the refund as their payment. Typically, charging is done on a per-hour basis.

Another good question to ask the task preparer would be how long they have been in the industry. This is because someone who has been in the industry for a long time would have already the needed experience to deal with all kinds of situations. This is aside from the fact that they are the most aware of how often the laws involving tax returns can change. One would also need to make sure that they work with a tax preparer who can provide their services all year-round.  

Lastly, it is also recommended that one should go for a tax preparer who is able to offer a liability insurance. This insurance coverage would make sure that the client would not have to suffer should the tax preparer make some mistake in preparing and filing the returns. This can prove to be especially beneficial if the tax preparer is one who prepares returns manually.

One a person has decided which tax preparer to go for, he or she must be prepared to provided the tax preparer with all the needed documents. This would include the receipts, pay stubs, and W-2. Once the return has been prepared, the client would need to make sure that all the details are clearly indicated including the tax preparers PTIN. In no case should he or she sign a blank document.

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