August 23, 2012

Why you should accept online payments?

The world evolves every day and retailers can't hide from these changes. Technology is constantly adapting, as are buyers' needs. Now, retailers need to cater to a worldwide audience, not just those floating through the local high street. They must appeal both to the older, more loyal audience and the younger, whimsical customers - which means getting on board with the online revolution.

There is still a place for bricks-and-mortar stores in the world, of course, but these ideally need to be complemented by a strong online presence. Here are just two of the main reasons why retailers must start accepting online payments.

By not accepting online payments, you - as a retailer - could be missing out on an audience of potentially millions. Not everyone enjoys heading out to brick-and-mortar stores any more and in some cases, there are people that simply can't. This is usually due to mobility or disability issues. However on top of all that, there are also shoppers that just love hunting for their purchases online. They love the variety, convenience and cheaper prices that are on offer. Think about all of these eager beavers you're alienating by not making online payments available! It's just not worth it.

Increased profits
With the rise in technology such as smartphone and tablet devices comes a growing demand for convenience. Shoppers want you to make it as easy as possible for them to buy from you. If you don't make it easy, they'll go elsewhere. It really is that simple. As such, you need to make your products available to them whilst they are out and about - sticking to a traditional high-street store doesn't achieve this. If you cater for this on-the-go customer base, you could well see your profits soar and your brand reputation heighten. It's a win!

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