July 20, 2012

Set up a system to measure satisfied customers

Most companies believe in great customer services, but few set up a system which will ensure that they are successful in making customers happy with their products or services. To deliver excellent customer service one needs to understand what exactly a customer wants and must find out that the want of customer is fulfilled. While companies can excel in providing best services or products to customers but are confused regarding what customers think about these products and services. However, it is worthy to gather that knowledge.

Company can profit if customers are delighted

It is an accepted fact that selling company’s offerings to existing customers is cost effective than acquiring new customers. Most importantly, the differences between satisfied and highly satisfied customers can create differences in repeat purchase and profit. This means it is crucial to measure customer satisfaction and degree of satisfaction.

How to measure customer satisfaction
The simplest to know what customers think and what they want is to gather input from them. This is most effective since you will get to know personal feelings of a customer. A standardized questionnaire is important to conduct such surveys otherwise conversations of various customers can be misleading. The possible dimensions that can be measured during a customer satisfaction surveys are

• Quality
• Pricing
• Complains or Problems
• Availability
• Your position in client’s mind
• Any alteration or addition required

How effective it is for your company

Customer satisfaction market research surveys are effective for companies to analyse what customers think about a product or service, what are the chances of repeat purchase, whether any modification is necessary and how much profit a company can expect from such product or services. However, to obtain a clear picture it is necessary to carry out well-structured surveys. You can contact a professional agency to do it for you and you can use their analysed data for better performance.

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