July 13, 2012

A dangerous job calls for Exceptional Insurance

Certain jobs come with more risks and danger than others. If you work in the construction industry and your company is involved with excavation then you probably have insurance as a priority. However, that doesn’t mean that you need to stay with the same excavation insurance policy year in, year out. Many people make the mistake of simply signing up for a policy and then renewing it automatically every year, without taking the time to research the current insurance market to see if there are any better, or more comprehensive, policies around for the same – or even a lower – price.

If you do take the time to search for ground worker insurance, you could be pleasantly surprised at the number of specialised policies now on the market. Things change rapidly in the insurance industry and what might have seemed like a good deal when you signed up for your policy ten years ago, is now way down the tables in terms of value for money.

The answer is to check out when your current excavation insurance policy is up for renewal. Make a note of this in your diary and then start researching new polices a couple of weeks before you need to sign up for another year. Give yourself plenty of time to check out the marketplace and see what other deals are around. Once you have found some comparable deals, you can then do further research into the company, checking out their customer service and the feedback that genuine customers have given them. This is good way to gauge if you would like them to have your business as, in the event of a claim, you need the confidence in the company that they will do everything in their power to deal with your claim quickly and efficiently.

The construction trade can be dangerous and you need to have a policy that addresses all the specific needs of your niche industry: one that understands the issues of short and long-term contracts, issues with cash flow and the transient nature of staff. This all comes on top of the need to move about heavy and expensive machinery between sites, which have to be done with the confidence of a good insurance company to back you up, should anything go wrong.

Times are tough for everyone but insurance is one area where you should never cut corners. You need to get the best deal for your money but you also need to ensure that every aspect of your business is covered and that your staff can work safely in their jobs. Safety is obviously a key issue in the construction trade and you should reassure your staff that you have a watertight insurance policy. It’s your responsibility and your priority and, although there will never be a good time to set a couple of hours to do research; you simply have to make the time for benefit of the business.

Biljana is a writer and a blogger researching and publishing useful info on the subject of excavation insurance and groundworker insurance.

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