July 24, 2012

Business Advance: A ray of hope amidst despair

Business cash advance is an instant financial help made available to mainly the small businesses. Getting loans is easier nowadays but only the big business houses are blessed with the facilities of obtaining financial assistance from the banks. The small firms are not so much fortunate and are often neglected by the banking houses when it comes to loan granting. Moreover, the bank loans require a guarantor and/or collateral. A decent credit score is also a must-have on part of the borrowers. So in order to expand or establish, a small firm has to rely on business advance.

Business cash advance is a result of some innovative thoughts to help those who lack in qualities to qualify for bank loans. The business or merchant cash advance industry is growing by leaps and bounds. Fast service is the highlight of the advance companies. Cash acquired through this alternative means can be anything between a wider range of $2,000 to $65,000. The basic principle behind the working of business advance is direct deduction from the estimated credit card receivables in future. In other words, the businesses which are accustomed to credit card sale are only eligible to apply for business cash advance.

This advance is also known as bad credit cash advance. It is because; this loan is secured against no collaterals and sanctioned irrespective of one’s credit status. However, some lenders restrict their lending practice only to the good credit record holders. To get business advance, you need to fulfill the following requirements:

• You must be 18 years or above in age.
• You must possess a regular checking account.
• You must be making money through credit card payment.

Small business cash advance - Benefit to get

• Funds will be available within 7-10 days.

• Approval rate is quite high (near about 90%) and loans are approved very fast.

• Minimal requirement of paperwork

• Credit checking is not a necessity

• No upfront fees are asked for

A little negotiation with lenders may bring down the interest rate to an affordable range. Generally interest rate is a little bit higher in case of business advance.

Of different cash advance retail stores working in finance circle, merchantcashgroup.com deserves a special mention due to the quality of service it offers. Adding to its popularity is ‘cost-effective’ feature. This cash advance provider offers a good variety of schemes at affordable interest rate so as to fit everyone’s needs and pocket strength.

The company has earned wealth of experience due to its long stay in this field. It feels the pulse of the business establishments and introduces different schemes accordingly. The best about this finance entity is that it guides its clients in every possible way. You just need to take the right pick from the options galore!

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