July 26, 2012

Advantages of living in the countryside

Whether you prefer living in the country or in a busy town centre is very much down to your personality.
Some people love the hustle-bustle of urban life and wouldn't change it for the world. They enjoy being surrounded by people, being relatively close to their workplace as well as living near a number of other businesses which they may need to access to at relatively short notice. 

However, it can't be denied that there are definitely some perks to living in the countryside. This article explores some of the advantages of living in a rural area. 


Living in the countryside is generally more peaceful than being situated in the middle of an urban hub. There is a lower saturation of people near your house and this typically results in lower crime rates compared with the average British town or city. Many people living in the countryside will testify that this lower saturation of people often results in friendlier neighbours, although this, of course, will vary depending on your neighbourhood.

Those living in the country may notice the stress disappear from their shoulders as they exit the city and make their way back to their rural paradise. Many country home-owners love the fact that their surroundings are generally far more attractive than the typical city street. A number of scientific studies have claimed to prove that living in the city is more stressful than in the country.

More land

Forest homes based in the countryside tend to have more spare land around them than the typical urban house. This can be great for those who love entertaining guests. Accessible outside areas tend to be larger even if the land technically doesn't belong to you although you may have to share it with the local wildlife.

Countryside homes are particularly desired by horse owners, as they can situate their horse near their house rather than at a distant stable.

Those who don't like the noise and the over-crowding which is typical of a busy city should definitely considering living in the country. Those who do so might question why they ever enjoyed being stuck amongst the hustle-bustle in the first place.

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