June 26, 2012

Get a Business Loan with Bad Credit Score

There are many business owners who want to expand their business or start a new business all together.  However this requires money and you do not have it and you have bad credit to go along with the no money problem.  There are options out there for a bad credit business loan.

When looking for a business loan do not be discouraged if you get denied a few times.  Not every lender will provide a loan to someone with bad credit.  You will know for sure that you have bad credit if you have missed payments on loans or credit cards, filed for bankruptcy, or have any charge offs.

Knowing your Credit Score

Knowing your credit score is very important.  The credit score is determined by the credit bureaus.  They will analyze your credit history and will assign you a number between three hundred and eight hundred and fifty.  A good credit score is anything above a six hundred.  If your credit score is below that number you will be considered a person with bad credit.

Budget and Business Plan

Now that you know your credit score and you know that it is for sure not a good score you should make a business budget.  Any money requirements that you have should be considered before you apply for a bad credit business loans.  You need to figure out a budget and make sure that your monthly expenses will not exceed your monthly income.

When you go to apply for your bad credit business loan the application will ask for a business plan.  You need a good business plan to present to the lender.  Once you complete the loan application the business plan should be placed on the top of the application and supplied to the lender.

Topics to include in the business plan are of course what the business is.  Be specific in the details.  The lenders will want to receive all of the details that they can.  Also include the name of the business, your social security number and of course how the business loan will be used.  Be specific about those details as well.  It is important to have all of the documents prepared before you go to apply for the loan.

Disadvantages of having Bad Credit

Having bad credit will work to your disadvantage on many levels.  When you have bad credit the lenders all look at your as a high risk.  Therefore they are going to charge you a high rate of interest on your loan.  This will help to protect the lender while bring the lender income at the same time.

The other main disadvantage of receiving a bad credit loan is that you will not receive as large of a sum as a person who has good credit. This can be very frustrating to many borrowers.

It is always recommended to have an attorney read to loan contract before you sign the paperwork. With bad credit loans there are often fine print policies that a normal borrower will not read. This will help you to be sure the loan is a smart financial move for you and get you on the road to starting to repair your credit score and credit history.

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