December 24, 2010

Enjoy your 'low budget Christmas'

This Christmas, why don't do some different? Be creative and gift your dear friends and sweet family something unique. Presenting personalized gifts to your friends will help you to stick to an affordable budget. Spending a low budget Christmas is more fun with creative ideas and lots of surprises. 

Draw names and buy gifts - It is very difficult to buy gifts for each and everyone when the family is a large one. This problem can be solved by this name-drawing tradition for gifts. This concept popularly known as 'Secret Santa' involves drawing names of 'who is going to buy a gift for whom' from a hat. It ensures that each person has to buy a gift for another person and nobody has to spend a lump sum money. 

Gifts for kids - While thinking of buying gifts for a large extended family it has been proved to be a better idea to buy gifts for the members under 18 only. Kids are the happiest persons in this world during this festive season. They love almost anything as a gift. Make them happy and the rest of the world will become happy for sure.

Make a low budget for each gift - Make  an affordable budget for each gift before shopping so that you do not need to worry about 'will it be possible to save something after buying gifts for all?' A low budget Christmas does not mean you are appearing to be "cheap". It makes you more creative to gift your special persons something exclusive. 

Books - Not a bad idea for this festive mood. If books match someone's taste, you can gift him or her a nice one. A book with a gift receipt is no doubt a wonderful idea for avid readers.

Make your gifts at home - Put your creative side to work. Spend some time to be surprised what excellent you can do. Choose anything like photo albums, cookies, quilts, custom-made CDs and etc. etc.....just give yourself a push and you will come up with some more new gift ideas for a low budget Christmas. 

It is not necessary to spend hundred or thousand dollars to buy a gift for someone just to show how much you love him or her. To show your real care just be a little personal.

Wish all of you a very very Happy Christmas :)

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