December 04, 2010

How to avoid foreclosure

"How to avoid foreclosure?"is one of the most asked questions to the financial advisors. This is an article for those people who are seeking some information about it. Here are some preliminary guidelines :
1. You should never ignore your lenders while facing difficulties to make your payments. If you need they can surely help you. Do not hesitate to call or write to your lender's Loss Mitigation Department at any time. Tell them clearly about your situation.

2. If your lender ask you to provide them with you personal financial information, you must help them in doing their works. Do not forget that when you are seeking help to stop foreclosure, it's the first step to go ahead.

3. Do not abandon your property. Remember, it always has a negative affect. You may be declined to get help from your lender.

4. One most valuable resource in this case is a HUD-approved housing counseling agency. As they always keep you updated about the services & programs which are offered now & then by Government agencies or private & community organizations . These information will of course be very much useful for you as it is not possible for a single person like you to get all the current offers & news at a time.

If you are in search of an alternatives
There are some alternatives for you when you are thinking of how to avoid foreclosure. Read to know more about these :

Mortgage Modification 
It gives you a chance to reduce your monthly mortgage payment to such a level so that you no more feel it a burden. You can refinance the amount of debt you have. The due date for your monthly mortgage payment can also be extended.

Special Forbearance
Your lender can help you to avail this facility. Your loan repayment plan can be altered in such a manner so that you can cope with your poor financial situation. A reduction in your monthly payment for a short time span is also possible. All you have to do is to assure your lender that you will be able to meet the new payment plan.

Partial Claim
It is another program in which your lender can help you by obtaining a one-time payment from the FHA-Insurance fund. It will help you to bring your mortgage current.

Pre-foreclosure sale :
When you are thinking of how to avoid foreclosure you can sell your property before you have to face it.  The selling amount should be less than the amount you need to repay your home mortgage loan.

Deed-in-lieu of foreclosure
If you do not qualify for any of the above programs, you may "give back" your property to your lender on your own initiative as the last way. It can't save your house from foreclosure but it can save your credit rating from a severe damage.

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