October 29, 2010

Do you have a basic homeowners insurance policy ?

Last week I told you about home loan. But buying a sweet home is the most important & of course the most expensive deal. You purchase your home once in a lifetime. So why not be a little bit wise? As the name suggests, I'm talking about basic homeowners insurance. The fact is, lenders often ask you for a basic homeowners insurance policy while you get approved for your home loan. So it proves to be a "must" factor. While thinking of a new home why don't get it secured & protected?

Why is it important?
A basic homeowners insurance policy acts as a safe guard for your most important investment. You should know that it protects your property from natural as well as man made disasters. There are a number of potential hazards which can damage your home. If you are wise enough you will apply for a basic homeowners insurance policy and enjoy the advantage of getting paid. 

What you'll be getting paid for?
There are a number of factors like :
1. Storms
2. Fire
3. Tornadoes
4. Automobiles
5. Riots
6. Lightening
7. Smoke
8. Hail
9. Wind
10. Thefts
11. Plumbing failure
12. Aircrafts
13. Civil unrest 
If any one of the above factors causes a damage to your dream house you'll get paid through your basic policy. 

Points to remember :
Two big natural calamities like earthquake & flooding are kept out of the basic homeowners insurance policy. If you are a resident of such a place which is very much prone to those disasters, you should invest in buying another additional policy to protect your asset from damage. Always compare different providers' schemes, their rates, terms & conditions before buying a policy. It will assure you for the rest of life and in this way you will manage to save some money also.

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