February 17, 2010

Banking Services

Today, we all are very much familiar with the term "Banking". A Bank is basically a type of Financial Service Provider. We deposit our valuable resources to banks. And they routes those deposits into lending purposes. In this way, basically, a bank hits two targets ;satisfy customers and enhances investors' interest to invest more. Government of different countries implement different types of regulations on the banking activities. But, overall, it can be said that, banks play a vital role in the economical market of any country.

Banking means all the financial activities, performed by a bank. Though we all avail banking services, most of us have no proper idea about all the favors banks do for us. Well... I am going to give you a brief knowledge about all the banking services here.:-

Transactional Account : Banks act as means of payment. They conduct Transactional account or Current account for their customers. It is basically a service-on-demand system. When customers want to access their deposited funds easily and in no time, they draw cheques. The role of a bank is to pay these cheques on the bank and also to collect those cheques, deposited to the Transactional accounts of the customers. In this method, Banks also allow customers to pay through various channels.

Borrowing Money : Whenever customers need, banks borrow money also. This act of borrowing money can be of three types :
* Acquiring savings,already deposited to the Transactional accounts of the customers.
* Accepting a short-term deposit, called term-deposit.
* Issuing banknotes or bonds as debt securities.

Lending Money : Banks also lend money through three ways :
* Making advance payments to their customers on their transactional accounts.
* Through a loan in which repayment is made by some patterned and same-sized amounts, called installment loans
* Making investments in those debt securities which are truly marketable.

Besides these, there are some other commercial role of a bank :

* Telegraphic transfer of payments,
* Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale (EFTPOS)
* E-Banking
* Currency Exchange
* Behaving like a Financial Supermarket
* Using Safe Deposit Boxes
* Providing Letters of Credit, Performance Bonds etc.
* Issuing Bank Draft
* Money lending through Overdraft

Usually, a bank provides us all kinds of services regarding payments. In all sectors like Government issues, Commercial purposes or Personal factors, banks are considered to be the most dependable mode of payment. Though many other non-bank institutions are also giving us helpful services, they are not fully equiva

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