January 01, 2009

Have a Great and Prosperous New Year 2009

Hi Friends, today we already stepped into New Year 2009. I wish all of you have a Great & Prosperous new year. In this happiest moment let me share a Great poem of an unknown author.

It has been a great year,
but an even better one is ahead,
because the new year can be
anything we want it to be.
So as we bid farewell to the old year
and welcome in the new,
let's dare to dream
of all we can accomplish
with a little hard work and dedication.

Let's pray for peace in the world
and try our best to love each other
a little more
and judge each other a little less.
Let's make a resolution to be
more forgiving and less angry.
Let's focus on our goals
and try to be the best we can be.
And let's never lose faith in
what we can accomplish.

Happy New Year!
May the New Year
bring you and yours much
Happiness and Success...

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