January 15, 2009

Do not forget to Buy or Renew Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is buying for cars, buses, tracks, motor cycles and other vehicles. Its main purpose is to protect the insured vehicles against the damage or losses of a car from a sudden accident. Now-a-days Auto insurance is compulsory for every vehicle. Auto insurance covers injury liability and damage of property in most of the states of United States of America. As for example in New Hampshire state vehicle drivers do not need liability insurance, where as vehicle owner must pay five hundred dollars yearly per vehicle in the state of Virginia. There is a possibility for putting in Jail for not having vehicle insurance in some states of USA. Auto insurance may cover the following items:  1. The insured motorist or vehicle driver  2. The insured vehicle  3. Third parties (vehicle and people)  4. Person who riding the insured vehicle (available in some states of the United States)   Apart from that some different policies are also available depends on the circumstances, like a vehicle can be insured against fire, theft or accident separately. Generally auto insurance can cover claims against the insurance policy holder and other operator for the insured vehicle that lives in the same address of the policy holder. When a person rent a car that time auto insurance liability coverage extends.  Mainly full coverage of auto insurance based on some factors, condition and the value of insured vehicle. Recently people are unnecessary buying supplemental collision damage coverage of rental cars for making transaction process of credit card companies. Full coverage is referred to as Comprehensive and Collision, because the insurance companies do not want to provide full coverage. More over, I need to tell you that do not forget to buy or renew auto insurance.

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