January 31, 2009

Tips to minimize your credit cards spending

Credit cards are very necessary in today’s life. In emergency, some time we need a credit card very badly. Many people have credit cards more than one. That’s why credit card companies like maximum usage of credit cards, because in this way they can earn more by high interest rates. If you run up a large balance and only pay the minimum each month, it will take you years to pay the card off. After all credit cards are so expensive, it is very much important to control your credit card spending. You can save your money in many ways, like

1. Make a budget: You need to make a monthly budget to help you understand where your money is going. Always stick with your budget.

2. Try to avoid cash advances: Cash advance has a much higher interest rate than credit card charging. It means you slowly building your balance due to higher interest rates. Apart from that you need to pay a fee (3% - 5%) on your cash advance amount.

3. Pay off as much of your balance each month: Paying off your credit cards bills balances means no interest charges for the month. As a result of it you are not paying for the privilege of using the card. Start paying down your debt if you have it.

4. Put your credit card away: Try to use your credit card only for emergencies. Put it in a safe place and avoid it for your casual shopping purpose.

5. Try to purchase by cash only: You would be surprised at how careful you are as you watch your cash disappear. You try to hold it when you physically see your funds are diminishing so fast.

6. Track your credit cards transaction: At home, you need to record your credit card transactions, record them as deductions from your checking account. This will give you an accurate account of how much money you have and when you need to make your credit card payment.

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