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How Life Insurance Works

How do life insurance payouts work? You can find many types of insurances in the market, but the largest selling insurance is life insurance. Though the financial crisis is there all over the world, people are still investing money in life insurance. So people now really understood the importance of Life Insurance. Mainly two types of insurance policies are there in the market, Whole life insurance & Term life insurance. There are subcategories for both of the policies. Whole life insurance denotes the totality of a person’s life, whereas term insurance means insurance of a person for a particular period of time. The similarity is that you can get death benefits from both of the policies. In the whole life insurance policy, you need to pay a fixed premium for total policy time, no need to worry about premium increment. Even you can get life coverage within an investment fund from it. Different people different requirements, so Term Insurance may be required for you. The m

Let’s start to share my financial knowledge

Hello Friends, as I am in touch with the finance market for few years, let me share something about financial news, information & advice or suggestion for you. I would like to invite you to participate here by giving your valuable comments and suggestions in the discussions on finance. Let’s start with Life Insurance as the first topic of my blog; I think it's most important for everyone.